Welcome to my Home Page

My name is Jacques Herman Henri Perk.
I am a Professor of Physics.
My office address is Department of Physics, Room 218;
mail address: 145 Physical Sciences,
Stillwater, OK 74078-3072.
I can be reached at 1-405-744-5798 (office)
or 1-405-624-9733 (home).

I graduated from the University of Amsterdam in 1974 as a Drs. in Theoretical Physics, and I obtained my Doctor in Mathematics and Physical Sciences diploma from the University of Leiden in 1979. I am married to Helen Au-Yang, with whom I also collaborate, and have two children Elizabeth and Timothy.

During the 2008-2009 academic year I have been on sabbatical leave in the Center for Mathematics and its Applications and in the Department of Theoretical Physics of the Research School of Physical Sciences, both at Australian National University.


Exactly solvable models of statistical mechanics and quantum field theory, in particular those based on solutions of the star-triangle (or Yang-Baxter) equations, such as the 2d Ising model, colored vertex models, (chiral) Potts models. Calculation of thermodynamic quantities and correlation functions using functional equations and symbolic or numerical computer manipulations. Applications to other areas of science, such as three-dimensional models, knot theory, biomembranes, quantum groups at roots of unity, basic hypergeometric series at roots of unity.

For more information, see my brief vita page.

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